Sunday, 14 April 2013

How Do Male Models Get Their Bodies

If you ask 100 different male models "how they got their body?", you are likely to hear 100 different stories. The fact is, everyone who has a body that is in great shape had to deal with their own unique circumstances to get the body they have.

It's possible that some male models did not even undergo any fitness training to become a model because they would have naturally possessed the right look that is required for the job due to their genetics.

Although male models would have done things differently to get the body they have, they all have one thing in common - they all aim to obtain and maintain a body that looks attractive.

Here are the main things most male models who had to get into shape aimed to accomplish for their body. They would have eventually used a specific program that was appropriate for their personal circumstances. But no matter what they had to do, most of them aimed for the following goals.

A Decent Amount Of Muscle To Look Moderately Muscular

Male models aim to possess significant amounts of muscle mass, but they keep the quantity of muscle on their body at average levels. Big bulky muscles is not a look for male models, rather, the lean athletic physique that has great levels of aestheticism is what they thrive to get.

You may see a few male models, especially male fitness models, with lots of muscle mass, but this may be a result of their genetics and most of them have big body frame sizes to make that amount of muscle appropriate.

If you need to build up some muscle you have to raise your calorie intake (protein, carbs and healthy fat), start lifting heavy weights to breakdown muscle tissues which should repair and grow bigger and stronger when you rest them and continue with progressive overload by consistently increasing the weights as you go along your program.

This is the basics, but everything you do to build muscle must be coherent with this process.

They Control Where They Add Muscle Mass

Male models focus on adding muscle mass in selective body parts that will give them the look they want.

Although it's recommended in bodybuilding that all muscle groups get worked so they all can develop, it's also important that you don't use the big mass building exercises carelessly, because they can overgrow muscles in certain body parts which may result in a look you do not want.

You can control where and how muscles end up on your body by using the right weight training program that consist of varied exercises, and the right set and rep scheme.

A Very Low Body fat Percentage

A key factor in getting a muscular body to look spectacular is the level of fat on your body. The more fat you possess, the less visible your muscles will be. Male models therefore focus a lot on burning off body fat so their bodies can have great levels of definition.

Successfully getting a low body fat percentage is determined by your diet and cardio exercises.

Great Abs

Male models need to have nice abs to make their body look splendid. Once you have nice ripped abs your entire body will be in good shape overall, because you must have a low fat percentage on your entire body to get abs that look awesomely ripped.

 About 85% of getting ripped abs is based on losing body fat, and the other 15% entails working the abs directly to develop the ab muscles. You can learn more about getting six pack abs by downloading the free report Insider Secrets For Six Pack Abs.

In conclusion: All male models did things based on their own unique situation to get their body. But building muscle and losing fat requires the same process across the board. It's just a matter of using the right approach to get the body you want.

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