Sunday, 23 June 2013

David Gandy Workout Routine And Diet Plan

David Gandy is a British male model who had tremendous success in the industry and is widely known for his well-shaped physique and good looks.

For several years, Gandy was the lead male model for Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana who featured him in their campaigns and fashion shows. David Gandy also holds a broad portfolio of magazine covers, editorial photo shoots, interviews and industry awards.

David Gandy follows a serious workout routine to keep his body in top shape for his job. His workout routine is structured in a way that works best for him, which is actually something that everyone should do to reach and maintain good fitness levels.

Gandy said he does not like training in the morning, so his workouts are always done late afternoons to late evenings between 4:00pm to 9.30pm. He said, the reason for this is that’s when he feels most energetic to workout effectively. There are special supplements that can be used pre-workout for energy boost. But Gandy prefers to work with his body's natural energy flow.

David Gandy Workout Routine For A Week

Gandy works out 5 days in the week whenever he is in London. He works out on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and one of the days on the weekend.

The male model's workout includes 3 heavy weight sessions, a chest session, an arms session and a back session. The two other days will be high repetition, low weight supersets and circuits. Gandy also said he never really do just plain cardio, and because his legs are naturally big he does not train them separately.

It's important for male models to avoid growing huge leg muscles because massive legs don't look aesthetic, and good looks is a crucial thing for male models. Most male models will focus on developing the v shape that is achieved with the right waist to shoulder ratio.

So David Gandy makes the decision to avoid any separate leg-training exercises to make sure that his legs don't grow out of proportion.

David Gandy Diet Plan - Eating To Stay lean But Enjoying his Meals

When it comes to his diet, Gandy does not have a high level of restriction. He believe in enjoying a fulfilling meal, but he doed ensure that he eats healthy at all times.

He avoids certain foods like white starch, processed foods and foods that come in packets. Gandy also warns about foods that claim to be low on fat: "beware when things say ‘low fat’, because they often have more sugar or salt as a result" he said.

David Gandy said his favorite foods are whole wheat wrap, bit of chicken, hummus and raw vegetables. He said that he enjoys a few biscuits as treat once in a while, but never over does it.

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